Everyone has a dream.

People who dream at night often wake up and find dreams were just as bubbles.

But who dreams in day time can make his dream come true.


I have loved dreaming since long time ago. I had a dream to become an artist and peep inside the color world of artists. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so. Although I have been studying painting with Professor LEE Chu-Hsin of National Hsinchu University of Education over a decade, my dream has never been achieved. However, I heard the situation of young artists through this study chance.


In my mind, as I am unable to become an artist, I can still do something for artists.

Therefore, the museum is started to build.
Simultaneously, my dream has come true.


About the location, why I chose to build the museum at the foot fill of the Jiu-Jiu Peaks is just because I want to add a faint color on this canvas of the azure sky, white clouds, and the flourishing land.


Perhaps the museum is not so stunning; I still hope that you could be touched. Especially in the rain or after a light shower, it seems like the sky, the earth and human beings are all merging together.


During the period of building the museum, I would like to appreciate all of the architects, artists, and crew members. Without you, the prototype won’t be that beautiful.


I am looking forward to meet you in the museum this year.