The Beauty in the Alleys” is another project of YU-HSIU MUSEUM of ART PREPARATORY OFFICE. Go down the alleys, make two turns, and without knowing it, you will discover the imagination and clever ideas of the artists ignited by the unique spatial elements. From single points to a large plane, this mountainous village of Pin-Lin has become a unique art village.



The Beauty in the Alleys map





Stop 1
YU Wen-Fu, Snow Scenery, Feather and bamboo (2013, Removed)



CHANG Tsu-Ching and WU Min-Hua, Eternal Realm, Acrylic Paints and Drift Wood (2014, Removed)



CHANG Hsin-Ying and Pin-Lin Elementary School students, Torii, Timber




Stop 2
Preparatory Office




Stop 3
HSU Tzu-Han, Trail of Color Balls, Acrylic and Paints




Stop 4
HSU Ching-Fu, Stone Sculptures, Stone




Stop 5
KO Shih-Chung, Lizards’ Game, Mosaic




Stop 6
LIN Shan-Shu, Looking at the Clouds, Ceramics




Stop 7
Residents of Pin-Lin village, Pin-Lin Story House, Photograph




Stop 8
CHIU Chun-Ting, A Wonderful Daydream, Acrylic




Stop 9
WANG Chen-Wei, Cycle of Woods, Drift Wood and Acrylic Paints



WANG Chen-Wei, Energy (Lychee), Acrylic Paints and Lychee Tree




Stop 10
SHIH Jin-Hua, “X Bodhi Trees” No. +029, Bodhi Trees and Basalt




Stop 11
LIU Pao-Chun, Men in Steel, Steel




Stop 12
Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art (Officially Opens in October 2015)