The Privacy Protection Policy governs how the personal information gathered when you access the service of the website is used. The Policy is not applicable to related links and webpages other than this website, as well as the people that are not commissioned by the website to manage the website or those not a part of the management team. When you visit the website, contact us, and participate in activities on the website, we will collect your personal information, and keep your basic information on the main server. During general browsing, the main server will automatically record related activities, including the IP address of your device of connection, time of access, the browser you used, browsing history and selected information. The data will be used as a reference for us to enhance the services of the website; they will only be used as for internal website development, and will not be disclosed to the public. 

YU-HSIU MUSEUM of ART will not sell, transfer, or lease any of your personal information to any group or individual, except in the following circumstances:
When you have agreed for us to share the information;
our information will be used for academic purposes, such as statistical analysis of museology and study on the demographic structure of audience;
When law-enforcement agencies, due to public safety, demand YU-HSIU MUSEUM of ART to provide information about a specific person, YU-HSIU MUSEUM of ART website will make possible necessary compliance based on the legal and official procedures and the safety of the users of the website; 
When a user offends YU-HSIU MUSEUM of ART website’s policy, rights, and IPRs. 

YU-HSIU MUSEUM of ART website will amend the policy on an irregular basis. When we have major changes regarding the rules for the use of personal information, we will make announcement via our website to notify the users. All servers of YU-HSIU MUSEUM of ART website are protected by information security related tools and necessary protection measures, such as firewall and anti-virus systems, in order to safeguard the website and your information.